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We offer innovating products with international quality standards, the best service and answer time.


To provide equipment and spare parts to the industry and commerce offering quality service and warranting the development of the projects.


To be a worldwide business leader providing innovating products following the international quality standards with the best service and answer time.


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We warranty the excellence in our materials to manufacture; likewise we are committed to solve the fabrication problems.

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The company has the objective to compliment the service of the national fabrication with importation of parts, to deliver our customers every element that compound the escalators and elevators. The company started with the importation of handrails, vulcanizing machine, handrail guide, electrical switches and control relays. However, INSMENCA INTERNATIONAL LTD. CORP. established alliances with petroleum and refrigeration companies to offer products, such as pumps, piping, air conditioners, and parts to increase services and customers.


was born in September 1986 in Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela. It opened its doors with the purpose of applying a new technology in the industry of the country, its main objective was the recovery of waste parts through the selectron system.

The selectron system consists on activating the molecules of the base material to increase the diameter where it is required due to wear, and this procedure is totally made in cold. Among our customers who received the benefits of this system, are: PDVSA, through the repair of gas turbine seats; Dominguez & Cia, helping them with the recovery of lithography rollers; PAVECA Papeles Venezolanos, participating in the internal part of Mill # 5. We use this system for a period of ten (10) years, however, due to the high cost of the raw material, it was no longer advantageous.

From 1996, we started with the manufacture of parts and pieces for the industry in general, such as: metal containers of all the molds for canned sardines; we also participate with Dominguez & Cia in the manufacture of axes, lithography rollers and all the molds for gallons of paint, molds of different types of food canning. Montana Gráfica, allowed us to serve them with the manufacture of couplings, bussulas and everything related to their lithography. Metalgraphic (Polar), in the manufacture of lithography axes and molds for the bottle caps of beer bottles. And we started relationships with C.A. Metro de Caracas, through the manufacture of all the parts and pieces required by the Rolling Stock Management and the Electromechanical Management.

We were replacing all those pieces that came from abroad, through manufacturing in our company. Currently, we have the capacity to manufacture 70% of the escalator, which is, the entire step chain, and to complete the mechanism of the escalator, we created the company INSMENCA INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD., To import the missing parts such as: steps, handrails, electrical parts, sensors, etc.

INSMENCA INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD., Started activities in July 2012, with its main office in Miami, Florida USA. It is today the representative of companies located in Shanghai, China, manufacturers of high quality products. In this way, it has participated in important projects of C.A. Metro de Caracas, importing products according to their needs, under the supervision of our team of professionals.

These relationships have allowed us to expand our range of services offered to the industry, which is why we currently have the ability to serve you in the area of refrigeration equipment, moving walk, elevators and pump systems, offering our customers our long trajectory, responsibility, and commitment to the success of their projects.


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